Memes Make Millions: A Journey Into The Underground Meme Economy

Jason Levin
10 ratings

Release Date: October 15th, 2023

On October 15th, you will wake up to an email with the best ebook on memes to ever exist (and perhaps the only one).

With today's purchase you'll get a look at an exclusive interview with a memelord with 1.7 million followers who values his account at $20,000,000+.

Memes Make Millions is an inside look into the underground meme economy. Through a series of funny essays and interviews, I explore the big business of memes.

While destroying my brain cells on Twitter, I've met a crazy group of internet friends who are proving that memes really do make millions. You'll meet memelords with millions of followers, writers who make 6 figures working for meme brands, and even walking memes themselves. And obviously on top of essays and interviews, there will be many many memes.

Why am I qualified to write about memes?

After growing my Twitter to 10,000+ I started doing marketing for startups and venture capital firms. They all desperately wanted one thing: dank memes. Memes attract attention and attentions equals dollars. So I now get paid to make memes and goof around on Twitter.

Ok, you can make memes but can you write?

Yes, I won a $25 Chipotle gift card in a high school poetry contest. My lesser accomplishments include writing a strategy blog called Cyber Patterns to 4,000+ readers from around the world and writing Launch House's newsletter to 20,0000+ readers. I also write letters to prisoners asking them for advice for when my meme-related hijinks eventually lead me there (a good practice for any tech entrepreneur nowadays)

Who is the target audience?

Social media addicts like me who want to monetize their dopamine addiction. If you've ever thought about making a meme page, this is for you. If you want to build a brand, this is for you. If you just straight-up love memes, then you'll love this book too.

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Memes Make Millions: A Journey Into The Underground Meme Economy

10 ratings